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Top 20 most visited counties by our users

  1. Cook, IL
  2. Fairfax, VA
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Prince George's, MD
  5. Orange, FL
  6. Los Angeles, CA
  7. Arlington, VA
  8. Fulton, GA
  9. Baltimore, MD
  10. Denver, CO
  11. Prince William, VA
  12. City of Baltimore, MD
  13. New York, NY
  14. Montgomery, MD
  15. St. Louis, MO
  16. Cuyahoga, OH
  17. Philadelphia, PA
  18. Lake, IN
  19. Howard, MD
  20. Marion, IN

Top 10 most visited Canadian counties by our users

  1. Niagara Regional Municipality, ON
  2. City of Hamilton, ON
  3. City of Toronto, ON
  4. Peel Regional Municipality, ON
  5. Halton Regional Municipality, ON
  6. Montreal, QC
  7. Greater Vancouver Regional District, BC
  8. Middlesex County, ON
  9. Oxford County, ON
  10. Essex County, ON

And the 20 least visited counties by our users (lower 48 states)

  1. McPherson, SD
   2. Logan, ND
   3. Grant, ND
   4. McIntosh, ND
   5. Daniels, MT
   6. Marshall, SD
   7. Eddy, ND
   8. Cavalier, ND
  9T. Ransom, ND
  9T. Towner, ND
  9T. Sargent, ND
  12. Faulk, SD
  13. Ziebach, SD
  14T. Griggs, ND
  14T. Sheridan, MT
  16. Garfield, MT
  17. Divide, ND
  18T. Cochran, TX
  18T. Dewey, SD
  20. Buffalo, SD


03/31/2014: Now in beta, an improved version of your travels projected onto Google maps. There are links to this feature on the scoreboard and user pages.

01/09/2014: On the beta site, I have changed the data entry page from Flash to HTML5. This should work on more browsers (including on more mobile devices) though it might actually be less functional on older browsers. If you try it out, let me know what browsers it worked or didn't work for you.

11/09/2013: New feature: Google driving directions plus county lines. Great for planning county hunting trips.

10/12/2013: Welcome to the redesigned county counting site at www.mob-rule.com . New features include:

  • using cookies so you don't need to type/remember your password so often, and remove plaintext passwords from URLs
  • more prominent links to navigate to the parts of the site you like
  • county lines overlay on Google Maps now uses API v3 and is more awesomer

As always report any issues or feature requests for the new site to mobrule@gmail.com. If you really really want to keep using the old site, it is still available at alpha.mob-rule.com.

08/29/2013: Wrangell/Petersburg update for Alaska is complete(*) Here's what you need to know:

  • I erased the record of your visits to the former Wrangell-Petersburg Borough -- you must reenter your data for Petersburg and/or Wrangell Boroughs.
  • I changed the record of your visits to Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area to Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area
  • (*) - not quite complete. There are still a few places in the site that still refer to "Outer Ketchikan" and some maps don't reflect the new boundaries of Ketchikan Gateway Borough and Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area.

New beta features 07/14/2013: (1) you can now choose the order that your legend colors/descriptions appear on your national maps (thanks to Larry Wymer for the feature suggestion; (2) when an entry page loads, it remembers the last color you were using on your previous entry page

Update: 07/04/2013: Earlier this week, the formerly independent city of Bedford, Virginia was absorbed into Bedford County, Virginia. If you haven't been there yet, now you don't have to go!


Always ones to let our competitive nature get the better of us, we (that's Bert, Mark, Chris, Marty, and all our like-minded friends) are keeping track of all the U.S. and Canadian counties we've been to.

The rules are simple: you visit a county, then you count it. To visit a county, just cross the plane of the county line. Usually, you visit a county in a car, but it is possible to visit counties by biking, hiking, or even skiing. Generally, we don't count flying over a county, especially flying in a commercial jet airplane (it's just too hard to see the signs that say "Entering Beaufort County").


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